*** NSFW ***

There is a production company that has come to El Paso and Juarez that allegedly caught cheating partners in the act. But this isn't like the typical show you may remember as Cheaters.

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On the show Cheaters, you see a cheating partner being exposed in public and on national television. Except on Cheaters, you haven't been rewarded the way other partners who are allegedly cheating are on Badabun.


Nowadays technology is making it easier for committed partners to cheat on their loved ones. It is insane how there are apps that you can secretly hide pictures and messages you exchange with someone else you're hiding.

Hell, just look at how Tinder allows you to block phone numbers in order for that person not to see or find you. But there is another way cheaters are being exposed in public, and on camera.

My friend Laura Perez had told me about Badabun which is a Spanish production company exposing partners who are allegedly cheating. Granted, the videos are in Spanish but you don't really need to understand the words to get the picture.

So basically, the host will offer up some cash to go through your phone which means pictures, messages, and apps. After watching a few videos myself I can see why tons of men accuse Hispanic women of being crazy.

I definitely don't condone cheating on your significant other in any way shape or form. But if you're in a committed relationship and also have your side piece, beware of Badabun.

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