The Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts meet every four years and since 2004 the winner of the game has coincided with the party that has won the Presidential election.

Since NFL re-alignment in 2002, the NFC North and AFC South play every four years. It happens to be the same year that the Presidential election falls on.

An interesting trend, that doesn't really dictate the outcome of the election, has popped up between the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts. The winner of the Colts/Bears regular-season game has predicted the Presidential election for that year. In years that the Colts have won, the Republican candidate has won. When the Bears have won, the Democratic candidate took the election.

  • 2004: Colts, George W. Bush
  • 2008: Bears, Barack Obama
  • 2012: Bears, Barack Obama
  • 2016: Colts, Donald Trump

The Colts defeated the Bears 19-11 this past Sunday (October 4). If the trend remains the same in 2020, Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden and win the 2020 Presidential election.

This isn't the first Presidential election sports correlation. From 1936-2000 the Washington football team's result on the last game played before the election coincided with the winner of the election. If Washington would win the incumbent party would win and vice versa. The dubbed "Redskins Rule" was broken in 2004 and has not worked since 2008.

Another trend that recently ended was the winner of the Alabama/LSU football game in an election year correlating with the winner of the election. From 1984-2016, the Republican party won every year that LSU did and the Democratic party when Alabama won. In 2016, Alabama defeated LSU but President Trump went on to defeat Hillary Clinton to end the streak.

Will the Colts/Bears trend continue or be the next to end? We'll find out on November 3rd with the Presidential Election.

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