This year's election will be historic in many aspects with record numbers of early voters heading out to have their voices heard. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many older and immune-compromised Americans are worried about getting exposed to the virus while they're at the polls casting their vote. That's why so many people have decided to mail in their ballots this year, instead of physically heading to the polls. But if you mail in your ballot, how do you know if it's been received and your votes have been counted? VoteAmerica wants to help Texans with this issue and has launched a new ballot tracking tool.

VoteAmerica is a national non-profit voter organization that helps with voter registration, voter turnout, and voter protections. The organization created a new tool to track your Texas mail-in ballots. According to Vote America, the Lone Star State lacks election infrastructure like ballot tracking which is why they created this new tracking tool. To look up your mail-in ballot, head to the TX Ballot website at From there, enter your Voter ID number to find your ballot. You can also search by your full name and county you reside in. The website is simple and easy to use and will hopefully help some people alleviate their anxiety about whether or not their vote has been counted in this election.

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