It usually doesn't take more than a sentence or two with a sports guy, talking about any subject, before you receive some sort of bizarre superstition in reply. After Thursday's NBA Finals game 1, I was talking with one of our sports geeks about the series.

"Well, you know the team that loses the first game will win the series." What? What kind of science or hokum is THAT based on?

It doesn't matter what sport. Recently an NBA coach was fired after being named Coach of the Year. The coaches are seriously terrified of receiving this award, and try to keep themselves from getting it. Same with the "Madden Curse". As soon as the game comes out, or even the cover athlete is named, fans freak out that their guy is going to have a horrible season, maybe even get hurt!

Here are some of the top sports superstitions, as documented by

  • OCD - it's all about repetition. Do the same things, eat the same foods, or you're doomed.
  • Beware the evil numbers - 13 is the worst, doubles are supposed to be lucky, and don't EVER change you uniform number
  • Playoff beards - Steve documented on pitcher's quest for glory, tracked by his amazing beard. How many of your friends are foregoing the razor until their team takes it all?
  • Don't touch my bat, beeyotch! - Some players sleep with their bats, have rituals they perform on them...Jobu would be proud.
  • Don't talk to me - When I used to bowl, you'd never speak the words "on his/her way to a 300" don't talk to, or about a pitcher if he's going for a shut-out.

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