Sixers fans can expect to hear plenty of trade rumors surrounding Ben Simmons.

Its not everyday a former No. 1 overall pick, who is a three-time All-Star, third-team All-NBA, two-time first-team all NBA defensive player and the runner-up for the Defensive Player of the Year award hits the trade market.

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After averaging only 11.9 points in the playoffs and attempting just three shots in the fourth quarter of the Atlanta series, coupled with making just 12-of-39 free throws in the Hawks series and 22-of-67 (34.2%) in the 2021 playoffs, moving him has become a real possibility.

Forget his offensive limitations, what kind of teammate is Simmons?

In a recent edition of The Greg Cote Show podcast with Greg Cote and guest Izzy Gutierrez, who is an ESPN NBA insider and sideline reporter, it doesn't sound like Simmons is viewed very favorably around NBA circles or even in his own locker room.

“People don’t like Ben Simmons in the league. His teammates don’t like Ben. There’s just something about him. He is an unlikable dude. And in that locker room he’s unlikable. What coach have you covered that you asked him, ‘Can you win a championship with this guy?’ and they answer, ‘I don’t know how to answer that.’ ”


The topic came up when asked if the Miami Heat would have interest in Simmons, and if they would be able to fix his shooting woes, or lack of shooting.

Essentially, would the Heat culture be able to fix Simmons?

It seems both Cote and Gutierrez aren't willing to find out.

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