Yes, Lebron James is a mega star and after last year's run of an NBA MVP, NBA Championship, Finals MVP and an Olympic Gold medal not only is he on top of the world but he is digging his way out of social media hell after his ill fated "Decision" debacle.

But now he is the toast of the town, at least in Miami and what better way to commemorate this glorious occasion?

Take a picture with all of your trophies of course.

However, if you think he is being original, think again.

(Courtesy of Touchstone Sports)

The one and only Tiger Woods made the first picture of it's kind back in 2001 after he won the Masters to complete the "Tiger Slam" by holding all four majors at once.

If you think athletes do not look up to other athletes or athletes do not pay attention to what other athletes do, here is proof that at least one does.