There’s something special, and undeniably sexy, about a woman who can tear it up on the slopes. However, the women on this list do a heck of a lot more than simply “tear it up.” These women are setting world records, winning Olympic gold, and taking to the skies like a flying squirrel. Some of the names you may recognize, while others you may have never heard of before (trust me you’ll be glad that you did.)

These woman are true innovators in their sport, strong athletes, and palm-sweatingly attractive.

Lindsey Vonn


Lindsey Vonn sets the bar high for both beauty and brawn for women in the ski industry. Besides her blonde haired, blue-eyed good looks, she comes with three consecutive overall World Cup and downhill championships, and Olympic gold to boot. Vonn is one of five women to have won World Cup titles in every facet of alpine skiing which includes Slalom, Giant Slalom, Downhill, Super G, and the Super Combined. In 2010, she graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition that featured various Olympians who competed in the Winter Games. In doing so, Vonn confirmed what we had suspected all along; that underneath her snow suit ensemble, she was rocking quite the bikini bod.

Rachael Burks


Rachael Burks is our kind of woman. She was referred to as “Half-animal, Half-woman” by the Ski Journal for her aggressive and adventurous style. While Burks drops cliffs that would make your teeth sweat and skis hard, she is quite easy on the eyes. She can be seen in TGR’s Light the Wick, and competed in the Freeskiing World Tour for four consecutive years. While I have never personally met Burks, I did see her fraternizing amongst the crowd at the Freeskiing World Tours stop at Snowbird in 2011. Was Burks sitting and scrutinizing every run as a quiet observer? Heck, no. Burks walked around in a florescent 1980′s onesie, rocking a side pony, PBR in hand, as she wildly cheered on her friends.

Julia Mancuso


Julia Mancuso joins Vonn in ‘world-class skier and an Olympic athlete’ category.  Mancuso is referred to as “Super-Jules” by her teammates and while this nickname may refer to her abilities that have earned her three Olympics medals, I would like to think it derives a bit from her super hotness. In 2006, she did a racy photo shoot for Lange, in which they introduced her as their new “Lange Girl.” The ad featured Mancuso in sexy lingerie and ski boots. While I’m sure they were great boots, we don’t think anyone was looking at them.

Lynsey Dyer


Lynsey Dyer hails from Sun Valley, Idaho and embodies everything about the girl next door. A big mountain and freestyler skier, you can find Lynsey’s unbelievably attractive mug in such ski films as Warren Miller’s Children of Winter, and TGR’s Lost and Found. She was the first female to be featured on the cover of Freeskier Magazine, and was awarded ‘Skier of the Year’ by Powder Magazine in 2010. More importantly, she has a smile that will melt your manly heart into a soggy pile of mush. Dyer also co-founded her own non-profit organization and gives back to the ski community by encouraging woman to get involved in sports. It’s safe to say, we support your initiative Lynsey.

Ingrid Backstrom


If you ask any of the female athletes on this list who they look up to, I would be surprised if “Ingrid Backstrom” wasn’t one the first names to roll off of their tongue. Backstrom is a freeskier from Seattle whose been sending it and making a name for herself in the industry over the last decade. You can find this raven trussed beauty in Warren Miller’s Impact, Mark Obenhaus’s Steep, and Matchstrick Production’s Claim.

Grete Eliassen


While Grete Eliassen is sponsored by such big-wigs as Oakley, Red Bull, and Vokyl; we can certainly say we endorse her as well and that she could easily be one of our “Babes of the Day.” Grete calls Snowbird her home mountain and resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Eliassen has been a dominant force in the ski world as a fierce X games competitor, the winner of last years Red Bull Cold Rush Challenge. Eliassen even holds her own world record for the highest ski jump completed by a woman (soaring more than 31 feet is the air before landing). Her face is in a number of ski films, “Say My Name” being her most recently promoted that featured Grete a crew of other ski babes dropping crazy backcountry lines, and hitting huge jumps.

Suz Graham


It’s either a bird, a plane, or it’s Suz Graham. You won’t just find this lovely lady tearing it up big-mountain style,  as she is apt to also be flying through the sky with a parachute rig on her back, or in her wingsuit. She’s even been featured as a living doll in a Japanese music video where she performs a ski-BASE jump. She took the Red Bull Cold Rush Challenge with a double back flip in 2010, and has graced the pages and covers of Freeskier Magazine and the Ski Journal.

Jen Hudak


There’s something about a girl from New England that can kill it on skis. Hudak calls Okemo her home mountain and that is indeed where she got her start when she joined their freestyle team at the tender age of 11.  In her teenage years she found herself drawn to the half-pipe, and now is a 5 time X-Game medalist (two of which happened to be the gold kind.) While women’s half-pipe is not yet an Olympic sport, Hudak was recently named to the United States Freesking team. Look out for her dazzling face’s debut in 2014.

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