AT-AT's Attack Skiers
The Star Wars original trilogy may be my favorite movies of all time, especially The Empire Strikes Back. The battle scene in the beginning on the ice planet Hoth is incredible.
The person who put this video together and mixed the AT-AT attack on the Rebel base  with the Olympic mogul fails is a…
Skiing Crashes Are Scary
Let's face it, the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi have not gotten off to the best of starts and any type of skiing or snow board event seems to be really scary. Which is not good.
In honor of this, he is a look at a bunch of skiing crashes.
World Champion Skier Marion Rolland Ruptures Knee Ligament
PARIS (AP) — World downhill champion Marion Rolland will have surgery after rupturing a knee ligament in a training crash.
She sustained the injury last Saturday in Chile and was flown to France to assess the damage. The French Ski Federation said Friday that Rolland ruptured her anterior cruci…
8 Hottest Professional Female Skiers on the Planet
There’s something special, and undeniably sexy, about a woman who can tear it up on the slopes. However, the women on this list do a heck of a lot more than simply “tear it up.” These women are setting world records, winning Olympic gold, and taking to the…