Once upon a time, El Paso was home to Macaroni Grill. Sadly, the restaurant is no more and a new business is already moving in.

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Signs saying "Hook & Reel COMING SOON" are posted along with the windows of the skeleton of Macaroni Grill. After some renovations, the memories will soon fade away about what once was served in the East El Paso building.

The only thing El Pasoans are going to care about is what is being served NOW!

Crab boils, pastas, sandwiches and so much more will be served by Hook & Reel, which they claim to have boils that are the "reel deal."

I have reached out to Hook & Reel to see if I could get a target opening day for this restaurant, since many El Pasoans are dying to try something new, after being in quarantine for so long.

East El Paso's Las Palamas shopping center is getting some new blood in the area from Hook & Reel, Five Below and West Texas Chophouse.

No pandemic is going to stop the growth of business in El Paso and these new businesses are an example of that. If you haven't noticed lately, El Paso stores are back to being packed, along with the restaurants.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think we need to be supporting businesses but we also need to stay safe.

I have attempted to walk into a restaurant and not have a panic attack, but just my luck, I walk in places when someone has a cough attack. Which we know coughing in public is nerve-racking now.

Either way, Hook & Reel will be a place many El Pasoans can enjoy while Texas continues to thrive after the pandemic. We will be sure to keep you updated, once we know more info.

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