Adult Happy Meals have arrived…..and in some parts of town, they’re gone.

Yup. Within just days of being released, McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals have sold out in some El Paso locations.

I probably contributed to this issue because the day they were released, my son and I made sure we got our hands on those meals and honestly, I regret nothing!

What the heck is an Adult Happy Meal:

Whoever is in the marketing department of Mcdonalds is a genius because the second I heard about these adult happy meals, I was sold. Why? Because there’s nothing like feeling like a kid again even at the age of 34.

An Adult Happy meal is a Happy Meal-like box designed in Cactus Plant's aesthetic, with McDonaldland characters shown with the four-eyed style

Courtesy: Josie Dozal
Courtesy: Josie Dozal

The meal does not include a bottle of liquor (Although I think it totally should) but it does include a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries and a drink.

Each order also includes one of four figurines—Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie or Cactus Plant's “Cactus Buddy!”

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

Where Can I Find These Adult Happy Meals:

Well, I was lucky enough to grab one of these Adult Happy meals just in time before they sold out at some El Paso locations, but  some El Pasoans haven’t been so lucky.

I decided to ask the people of El Paso where they got their adult happy meals and also which locations are sold out because this is the kind of information the whole city MUST have! 

Keep in mind, some stores may sell out by the time you read this, or some might get more inventory, but for now here’s a list that can hopefully help you find that adult happy meal you’ve been searching for:

Locations Where Adult Happy Meals Are NOT Sold Out…. yet:

  • 12181 Eastlake Blvd.
  • N Mesa in front of Hobby Lobby: 7555 N. Mesa St.
  • Over by Mesa and Balboa: 6101 N Mesa St.
  • Picked one up on the westside today by franklin: 1080 Sunland Park
  • Redd and Resler: 901 Resler Dr.
  • Anthony, TX at the Love's location had them available on Sunday: 3000 Mountain Pass Blvd, Anthony, TX

Locations Where Adult Happy Meals ARE Sold Out…. for now:

  • Lee Trevino Location: 1895 Lee Trevino Dr.
  • Edgemere and Joe battle: 3420 Joe Battle Blvd
  • Corner of Zaragoza and Montwood: 1896 N. Zaragoza
  • McCombs and 54 sold out said they will not have any more: 11390 Gateway Blvd. N

Good luck with your Adult Happy Meal search! And hey, if you aren’t able to find an adult happy meal don’t worry.

October 18th you’ll have a chance at grabbing McDonald’s classic Boo Buckets! And if you are lucky enough to grab BOTH items then you my dear are a lucky soul.

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