Spring is the season known for growth and renewal, and when plenty of homeowners are heading to their local home improvement stores and plant nurseries to find new ways to upgrade their landscaping.

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Before you invest in that shiny new mower, there's a new movement growing across the country called "No Mow May" that may make you want to hold off on that new purchase.

No Mow May is a movement aimed to reduce mowing for the entire month of May to help pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds during the Spring. Not mowing your lawn for the next month, will allow wildflowers and other pollinator-friendly plants to thrive by giving them food and habitat to live in. These pollinators are an essential part of our ecosystems and help our overall environment continue to grow.

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In 2020, Appleton, Wisconsin became the first US city to become an affiliate of Bee City, USA to join the No Mow movement with the support of the Appleton City Council. According to Bee City, over 435 property owners participated in the inaugural No Mow movement in Appleton, Wisconsin. Since then, the movement has continued to grow with more participants every year.

Homeowners are asked to reduce the amount of lawn mowing or stop mowing them completely. People can also only mow certain areas of their lawns to allow portions of their yards to be used by pollinators. For the month of May, you can support the environment by doing less. You can thank the No Mow May movement for that.

You can read more about Now Mow May and Low Mow Spring at the Bee City USA website.

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