For years, baseball players have celebrated big moments with the shaving cream pie. Occasionally, shaving cream would be replaced by whip cream, but ballplayers have always enjoyed a good pie to face after a game-winning hit or play. However, it seems like the times are changing in the Major Leagues, and a new chocolate sauce trend is making its way into baseball. Dan Uggla, who once played for the El Paso Diablos, has had a tough last few seasons. He has failed to hit the ball with power or average and has bounced around three different teams since 2014. However, Uggla was the hero for the Washington Nationals Tuesday night when they came back from a 9-1 deficit to defeat the Atlanta Braves 13-12. Uggla finished the game against his former team with three hits and five RBIs, but it was his three-run homer in the 9th inning that won it for the Nats.

I'll be the first to admit that the chocolate sauce bath looks a little weird and creepy, but at least Uggla and other players like him will get to enjoy the taste of victory instead of the stinging sensation of shaving cream in the eyes.