Happy 40th birthday Tom Brady! If you aren't a New England Patriot fan, chances are you don't like Tom Brady. But you have to admit to yourself, you are at least a little jealous and would love to have him be the quarterback for your team. Not only for the past 17 years, but until he retires. Which might not be for another ten years.

What's the best way to celebrate the Greatest of All Time's birthday? How about reliving the greatest comeback in Super Bowl, and possibly sports, history. Nothing like spotting the best team in the NFC a 25 point lead. And it wasn't like they had three quarters to comeback from the 25 point deficit. They erased that deficit in just over one quarter. Video courtesy of The Sports Reel.

You can hate the man all you want, but you can't deny he wins. Call cheat all you want, but you know what happened after "Deflategate?" His stats improved!


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