This month, costumed storytellers will guide you by lantern-light through Concordia Cemetery on Halloween eve, the undead take over “El Paso’s City of the Dead,” and you'll have an opportunity to ghost hunt the historic cemetery using a variety of ghost-detecting equipment, including a dowsing rod.

With ghost stories to tell and ghoulish times to be had, a ghost tour in October is the perfect time to really get into the spooky season.

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And if spooky vibes are what you’re looking for then you can’t do better than a cemetery ghost tour.

The Paso del Norte Paranormal Society and Lost El Paso Paranormal, two local groups who specialize in ghost walks, will be leading various tours and events in one of El Paso’s most haunted locations through the end of October.

Paso del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts915)
Paso del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts915)

Howl at the October Moon Concordia Cemetery Drive Thru

Fri, Oct. 22 - More Details

Experience Concordia Cemetery in a way you don't usually get a chance to: from the comfort and relative safety of your car.

Typically, you're not allowed in the cemetery after it closes and much less drive through it, so this is a chance to not only do both of those things, but do it on a full moon night.

And it’s scientifically proven staying in your vehicle keeps you safe from Earth-bound spirits stirred up by the full moon and the impending arrival of Devil’s Night. (Okay, you got me. I made that last part up.)

Night of Spirits Concordia Cemetery Tour

Sat, Oct. 23 - More Details

Attendees will be guided by lantern-light through Concordia and given the chance to participate in some ghost hunting using “a variety of methods for ghost-detecting: from vintage procedures such as pendulums, mirrors, and dowsing rod to modern high-tech methods such as EMF detectors, and apps.”

Concordia Cemetery Zombie Walk

Fri, Oct. 29 - More Details

Zombies. In a cemetery. At night.

Yes, you read that correctly, undead in a cemetery. Ironic huh? The ghoulish gathering of the walking dead will take place on the Friday before Halloween.

Come to Concordia as your best, most undead, or decayed, zombie.

According to the event post, the gory procession of brain eaters will slowly (and I do mean slowly) make its way “along Concordia's darkened roads” stopping only occasionally to pick up any limbs that fall off. And, you know, take pictures and stuff.

Heather Shade/Lost El Paso Paranormal Facebook
Heather Shade/Lost El Paso Paranormal Facebook

All Hallows Eve Concordia Cemetery Tour

Sat, Oct. 30 - More Details

Those not afraid to walk around in a cemetery when the veil is at its thinnest, souls are at their most restless, and a spine-tingling chill hangs in the air can get spooked as they explore one of El Paso’s Most Haunted locations on the night before Halloween. Don’t worry scaredy cat, your costumed guide will lead you by lantern light.

Proceeds from each one of the tours will go towards maintenance and preservation of Concordia Cemetery.

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