Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski can't seem to stay out of the media spotlight.  His bum ankle was the lead story heading into the Super Bowl.  Now that cell phone video has surfaced of him partying shortly after the game, he has become the the topic of conversation yet again.

The Patriots had a post-game party planned regardless of the outcome of the game.  Gronkowski was clearly limited during the game with his injury, but that didn't stop him from getting his 'Gronk' on at the party.

The video, that has now gone viral, features Gronk dancing to a live performance from the kings of 'party rock' themselves, LMFAO.

A couple things about this video have people talking.  First, Gronk doesn't appear to be too bothered by that ankle sprain that limited him in the Super Bowl.  That can be easily explained by the amount of Red Bull and Vodka coursing through his manly Gronk veins......(allegedly).

Secondly, some holier than thou fans and media types think Gronk is way too happy for somebody who just lost the Super Bowl.  HE'S ONLY 22 YEARS OLD.  That's how 22 year old males in peak physical condition blow steam off.  What was he supposed to do, sit in his hotel room and replay the Blackburn interception and final play over and over until his head exploded.