We heard that everything is bigger in Texas, but older? Guess so.

Sharon Simmons, 55, may be a grandmother of two, but that isn’t stopping her from having ambition. According to NFL.com, Gramma Sharon is pursuing her dream to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Uh, does team owner Jerry Jones know about this? He is practically the GM and likely runs the show when it comes to the leggy cheering squad, too. Maybe he didn’t hear, he is kind of old, so we should probably speak up.

Simmons, who lives on the outskirts of the big D in the Carrollton suburb, is working out with a former Cowgirl in order to get her body ready for the tryouts this May. Simmons isn’t worried about breaking a hip.

“On stage, I blend right in with women in their 20s, 30s and up,” the cheerleading hopeful recently told KTVT-TV. She also proclaimed that there is “absolutely no difference” between her body and that of the 19-year-olds she is competing with. We also have the body of a 19-year-old. A 19-year-old sack of wet pasta. We also smell very similar.  Simmons might have a leg up on young ladies running down the stairs after her, to borrow a phrase from ‘Showgirls.’ She is a national fitness competitor and an author.

If she made the squad, Simmons would be 13 years older than the oldest current NFL cheerleader — Laura Vimanis, a Cincinnati Ben-Gal who clocks in at 42. So if Simmons makes the team, she’ll be the oldest cheerleader around. WE SAID SHE WILL BE THE OLDEST CHEERLEADER AROUND JERRY!

Man, he needs to stop sitting so close to the stadium speakers.

[Via NFL.com]

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