Whenever I get a massage, I try not to book anything else for the remainder of the day. The second I leave the appointment, my body and mind are nothing but mush and it's the best feeling.

Good luck getting me to be active afterward.

The other day, I decided to treat myself to a massage, as I do every so often. My legs were tight and my back was full of knots. Needless to say, I was well overdue. I booked my appointment for a 90-minute deep tissue and within seconds I was out like a light. You can have the strongest hands in the world and the pain puts me to sleep. I'm weird like that.

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As the massage therapist continued with her routine, I would respond between light snoring and daydreaming. It wasn't until the very end of the massage that she asked me something I'd never been asked before:

"Would you like me to massage your abdomen?"

Unsure and a little self-conscious of my fluffy stomach area, I went with the flow and agreed to whatever it is she was prepared for. After all, she was a professional and her job is to make my body feel better than it was going into the appointment.

Her hands glided across my abdominal region and then downwards and then back again. She was following my intestinal track and as weird as it sounds, it's rather beneficial for healthy digestion and improves the body's immune functions. To be quite honest, it was relaxing once I got past the part where my flabby core was exposed where my abs were once present.

So, take my advice- the next time you go somewhere to get a massage, ask your masseuse if they have any experience with abdominal massage. It's worth every penny.

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