UFC 194 is this Saturday and it's gonna feature one of the most anticipated fights in the history of UFC. Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo will fight to determine who will be the undisputed Featherweight UFC champion.

To say that there is bad blood between these two fighters is an understatement. McGregor has been saying for years that he will knock out Aldo if they ever fought. And Aldo has said that McGregor has no shot at beating him. And the press conferences between these two have become instant classics!

To get you ready for this epic fight check some of Jose Aldo's best highlights:

Now here are some of Conor McGregor's highlights:

This fight was originally supposed to happen this summer, but Aldo suffered an injury during training. Aldo is coming into this fight with a record of 25-1 and McGregor has record of 18-2.

So now that all the talking and hype are done, who's gonna be the undisputed Featherweight Champion? We'll find out Saturday night.