It was jaw-droppingly ugly. Unprecedented. Across the country, Brazil fans cheered their team on expecting that "six" would be the number of world titles they'd own, not the goal-differential. But watching Brazil lose, 7-1, to Germany was a nightmare they'll never forget. One look at their faces will tell you that.

From the stadium in Belo Horizonte to Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro, Getty Images photographers caught the reaction of the home country's fans as, I'm trying to avoid gratuitous World War II references, here.

As Germany blit...mar...shel...

Wow, this is really hard!

Okay, Germany beat Brazil by a touchdown. In soccer! SEVEN to ONE in the semifinals of the championship of the world! That level of suck only happens when there's a deep problem, and judging from the faces of these Brazil fans, they know it, too.