A video of a man people pulled over in Lubbock for failure to use a turn signal has been growing in popularity on TikTok over the past few days, and if you haven't seen it yet, it's about time.

The officer asked the man for a driver's license, but unfortunately, all he has is a photo ID. The cop then asks him if he's been smoking, or if he smokes "synthetic", referring to synthetic marijuana. The man says tells him "Hell no!" and then gets a cheesy smile on his face, looks directly at the camera, and says "I don't smoke that crazy sh*t!"

Cracked. Me. Up.

He would clearly rather admit to smoking the real thing than smoking synthetic pot. Folks, that fake crap is nasty, and even admitting you smoke it to a cop is lame. It's almost as lame as smoking it to begin with. Gross. Grow up.

It seems like it was worth the risk to possibly get busted with real weed. The video cuts out and we can't tell exactly what happened afterward. What we do know? This guy is kind of awesome.

There you have it, guys. We may not be the smartest bunch when it comes to turn signals and encounters with the police, but we sure as hell won't ever admit to smoking fake weed. No sir. We'd rather get caught with the real stuff. We aren't a bunch of dweebs. Plus, that chemical stuff is bad for you. Who knows what the hell is in it?

No thanks.

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