Our weekly feature ‘Men With Balls’ takes a look at the best sports related videos of the week.

In this edition, we highlight the Metta World Peace Elbowing song, a soccer announcer who might need to change his undies, a female tennis star changing in plain sight and a girl who just wants to spend the night with the last pick of the 2012 NFL draft.

YouTube Girl might have sex with Mr. Irrelevant

Normally being the last pick in the NFL Draft doesn’t have any incredible benefits outside the “Mr. Irrelevant” parade and luncheon but this year may be different. Check out this YouTube clip of a girl named Brianne telling the world that she’ll spend the night with the last pick of the NFL draft, whomever it may be:

Tennis Star Andrea Petkovic strips down during match

In our age of wardrobe malfunctions, we’re tennis star Andrea Petkovic during a Fed Cup doubles match last week. The umpire was not too pleased with Andrea wearing red and asked her to change to match her doubles partner. Since the match was set to start, Petkovic couldn’t go into the dressing room and had to change in front of the audience:

Girl writes song about Metta World Peace’s Elbow

If Rebecca Black can have a hit song, the girl that did the Metta World Peace elbow song can as well. YouTuber Stephanie K did a one-minute song dedicated to Metta throwing an elbow at Thunder guard James Harden and its pretty good..for a YouTube song:

Tony Allen pulls off Harlem Globetrotter-esque “fake pass”

I’m pretty sure that Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen didn’t intend to throw this fake pass but it’s a pretty cool highlight anyway. It happened back on Monday as the Grizzlies took on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Allen recovered a loose ball and attempted to throw a football pass to the other side of the court, when he lost control of it:

USC football players wear their pads everywhere

If you were walking around the University of Southern California recently, you might have seen this interesting sight of some members of the football team wearing full pads and jerseys around campus. One of those players happen to be star quarterback Matt Barkley and the players even decided to invade a class with their game-time gear on:

The Estonian JR Rider?

It’s not often that I view video from the Baltic Basketball League but you need to check out this clip of BC Kalev’s Armands Skele throwing up a behind-the-head prayer.  It happened in a game against BC Tarvas as Skele attempted to save a pass going out of bounds:

Soccer announcer ORGASMS after goal

There are some soccer fans that claim watching the sport is better than sex but in the below clip, a soccer announcer made a noise normally reserved for the bedroom. Check out this goal by Chelsea’s Fernando Torres against FC Barcelona and the call done by Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville:

Wait, Texas A&M has Aggie Swag?

Thanks to the world of YouTube, almost everyone can create a music video and share it to the world. There are many aspiring college rappers out there and this video done by Lawrence Knox called, “Aggie Swag” will be in your head for the rest of the weekend for better or worse: