We all know El Paso icon Aaron Jones and what he's been able to do in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. Similarly, we are familiar with the different initiatives that Showtyme is involved with off the field, such as the A&A All the Way non-profit foundation.  

Now AJ is inserting himself into the local restaurant scene, as he announced Wednesday on Instagram his plans to open Showtyme Sports Grill in the Sun City.

"Yo what's up, it's Aaron Jones and it's Showtyme," says the former UTEP running back and Burges High School alum in a promotional video.

There hasn't been word about the details for the grand opening of Showtyme Sports Grill. Some have said that the location will be on the Far East of El Paso, although no official location has been named yet. The social media account for Showtyme Sports Grill has already reached over 2,500 followers and will provide updates for the official opening date, along with location details.

The Packers running back is in Green Bay undergoing training camp with the team right now. His hands might be tied up to help in El Paso, but he can definitely help create the buzz from afar. Plus, the Packers have a bye during week 13. Maybe we could see AJ make his first appearance at Showtyme Sports Grill when he gets a week off from the team.

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