Remember Robert Sacre from the Los Angeles Lakers? No? The one who kind of looks like Mr. Worldwide aka the great Pitbull himself? Yes, him. He's been balling overseas in Japan since his departure from the NBA and was one of the contestants for a dunk contest.

How did he do you ask? Just kidding, you didn't ask but I'm going to show you anyways.
Check out Sacre going up for points right here.

The second worst part aside from his obvious fail at a really simple dunk (for him of course, not me because I'm unathletic and have a zero change to replicate his success in the NBA) is that when he got his second attempt slammed in the judges gave him solid scores of "9, 9, and 9".

I'm not too sure what the requirements for points are in Japan as far as dunk contests go but for Sacre to score 27 out of 30 on an attempt that was AFTER a complete fail then hey... count me in for the next contest, all I need is a trampoline.

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