It's not a secret I can't stand Floyd Mayweather. If you need to know why, just take a look at his criminal history. Or should I say the history of him paying off him because he beat the crap out of them. HERE is an article that's a few years old about his domestic violence history.

But anyway, that's not what this article is about. This is about Mayweather teasing a jump to MMA.

Okay, so he's standing in a training cage. Not much there, right? Well, how about this from Mayweather's Instagram page.

So, just how would Mayweather do in an MMA fight? He'd get his ass kicked. Floyd's fighting style in boxing is this:

  • Back up and force the opponent to engage
  • Use head movement and blocks to avoid damage while tiring the opponent out
  • Strike back with counter punches that don't do a ton of damage but land
  • Win by decision because he landed more punches and he gassed the opponent

Guess what. In MMA, you can't do that. He'd get taken down, and then he's screwed.

A famous boxer vs mixed martial artist match was Randy Couture against James Toney. Before the fight, Dana White called how the fight would go almost to a tee. White said Couture would take him down with a double leg takedown and finish the fight quickly on the ground. Well, it was actually a single leg take down, but the rest was true.

So I say this to Mr. Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Stay out of the cage. It's not for people who land more significant strikes against women than in a sanctioned boxing match.

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