When Minneapolis was awarded the Final Four, some wondered how it would be attended because in the minds of some, Minnesota is fly over country.

On Saturday night, fans proved the naysayers wrong by coming out in force to watch two really intriguing games at US Bank Stadium.

After all the tickets were counted, there was 72,711 folks that came out to watch the Final Four in downtown Minneapolis.

In comparison to other sites, some will look at the pure numbers and think there might have been a decrease in interest but the numbers in other locations were bigger because of capacity.

In places like Arlington or Houston, there is simply more seats and hence larger attendance numbers.

I thought all along that if US Bank Stadium could get over 70,000 fans into the games it would be a success and they exceeded my expectations by over 2,000.

Well done by the fans of college basketball, well done by the fans of the teams playing and well done by the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota for playing greats hosts on Saturday night for the Final Four.


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