Have you filled out the Census? If you haven't you need to know a few reasons why it is absolutely vital that you do fill it out:

1. About 4 out of 10 households nationwide have still not participated in the constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the U.S. Those stats are the same for El Paso County. That is a problem because....

2. School districts - You know how mad you get when you have to buy so many school supplies that used to be things that were available to us when we were in school? It's because school districts aren't well funded by your tax dollars. Yes, they get your property taxes, but there are also State and Federal tax dollars that are distributed, but to get them, the government needs to know how many people are in each school district. How do they find that out? They do a census and you have to answer or our schools don't get money

3. Food Banks - Right now food banks are strained because so many people lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Do you know how food banks get funded? The government. How do they know how much money is needed to help feed a city? They run a census and you need to answer that census.

4. Vaccinations - Are you ready to crawl out from under the coronavirus pandemic and get your life back? You could do that when mass vaccinations against that dang virus are avaiable, but do you know how the government determines how many vaccines to send to a city? THEY RUN A CENSUS AND YOU NEED TO ANSWER IT.

How do you fill out a census? You click on this link, give yourself about 5 minutes to answer some questions, and you're finished. I took the Census online and there are no questions about immigration status, about criminal history, or anything other than how many people live in your house.

Do it. It's easy, it's free, it doesn't hurt at all, and one of these days when your grandchildren or great-grandchildren are trying to figure out their family history, the 2020 Census will let them know where you were living at this very moment in time.

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