The message has been the same over the past two days, “We are not the least bit overconfident...”. This has been the sentiment of Bravos de FC Juarez Head Coach Sergio Orduna as his club attempts to advance into the semi-finals of the 2015 Apertura Ascenso Mx season tonight at Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium.

The Bravos will face the Cafetaleros de Tapachula at 6pm. The team from the Borderland has several ways in which they can advance to the next round of the playoffs, this after a 1-1 tie Wednesday night in the state of Chipas on the southern tip of Mexico where the Cafetaleros are from.

If the Bravos win, they advance. If the tie 0-0 or 1-1, they advance. A defeat by any margin or a tie of 2-2 or greater and the visiting Cafetaleros would advance.

Orduna commented on Friday afternoon that he is aware that Tapachula improved in their final three games of the regular season. Despite the fact that the team from the Borderland continues to improve Orduna is aware that Tapachula can strike at any moment.

Orduna commented, “I don't believe that Tapachula is going to open up their style of play. I think they will maintain defensive order first and foremost, then hope they can somehow, somewhere along the way score a goal then tighten up defensively even more.”

In conclusion, Orduna alluded to the fact the it is vital that his squad take advantage of the home field on Saturday night and a dry pitch. An element that was not the case Wednesday night in Tapachula where there was a downpour the entire game. All systems are ready to go, the team is healthy and tonight after 90-minutes he hope that this chapter of the season closes and another one begins.