A deflection on a shot on goal was the difference in the first leg of the Ascenso MX promotion final between Necaxa and Bravos de FC Juarez Saturday night in Aguascalientes. This deflection allowed Necaxa to win by the minimal difference, a score of 1-0.

The lone goal came in the match came in the 77th minute on a strike that was taken by Jahir Barraza from just outside the FC Juarez goalbox. The strike was deflected by a Bravos defender changing the ball's trajectory directly into the back of the net.

This happened at a point in the match where Bravos was starting to dominate all aspects of the match. The goal scored by Necaxa was a circumstantial occurrence that can be classified as lucky and nothing more. The match was hard fought and developed as many could expect. FC Juarez was the only team that was proactive in attempting to make things happen. You had a team in Necaxa that waited, occasionally counterattacked when it could and looked to get somehow take advantage of slim percentages to score and that's exactly what happened.

It is something that you would not expect from a home team that needs to take advantage of being on their home field, but then again that has been Necaxa's way for the duration of their existence.

After the match FC Juarez head coach, Sergio Orduna commented on exactly the style of play executed by Necaxa and did not seem the least bit surprised, “The performance was ever the same. Wait, wait, wait, withstand the opposition and then counterattack when the situation presents itself with there two forwards with the attack originating from the flanks. They match developed just how we thought it would, they weren't going to risk much at all whatsoever which, but then again that what we expected from Necaxa.”

90 minutes remain in this competition and they will take place here in the Borderland. Saturday, May 21st will be the 2nd leg of this Ascenso MX Final when the Bravos will play host to Necaxa at Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium. With the kickoff scheduled to be at 7pm.