On the same day Texas Rangers fan Shannon Stone was laid to rest, another fan nearly took a dangerous fall over a railing in the pursuit of a baseball.  There is an old saying that goes, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."  As tragic as the death of Shannon Stone was, fans need to use better judgment when trying to catch a baseball.

Keith Carmickle of Kingman, Az. was standing on a table trying to catch a home run. Like Shannon Stone, he lost his balance and was headed for a hard fall until his quick acting friends grabbed his arms and legs and prevented the fall.

As freak as the Shannon Stone accident appeared, it is really hard to invoke much sympathy for this guy who risked his life to catch a Prince Fielder moon shot. I pray fans like Keith Carmickle don't force MLB to try and idiot proof stadiums for the 98% of fans who exercise good judgement when trying to snag a baseball.