Last night at the El Paso County Coliseum, Antonio Escalante put on a show for the fans, not only by promoting the Border Wars II fights through Escalante Promotions but by participating and knocking out his unworthy opponent, Sammy Ventura.

After coming out of retirement Escalante showed that he still has a heavy hand. At the end of the fight, Escalante promised the people of El Paso that he would fight a stiffer opponent in the future, maybe Border Wars III?

Photo by Mando Medina

Abbie Han was back to his winning ways, by putting on a boxing clinic against Daniel Gonzalez. Han looks hungry to get back to the higher ranks.

Despite the fact Han was unable to knock Gonzalez to the canvas, his performance was flawless.

Photo by Abel Carrillo

Now, it was good to see two of El Paso's favorite fighters get there wins but the fight that stole the show last night was that of Oscar Valenzuela and Jose Salinas.

Valenzuela won fairly easy however, Salinas showed he is one tough SOB and never backed down. This in my opinion was the fight of the night.

I only hope to see these Border Wars/Escalante Promotions grow and get bigger and attract higher quality fighters.

Photo by Abel Carrillo
Photo by Harry Ruiz