The State announced that El Paso will receive 10,000 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine after being selected a test site for mass inoculations.

Those doses are expected to arrive next week of which half will be assigned to the City and half to the County at Memorial Medical Center.  For those wondering which of the two required doses El Paso will be receiving, health officials confirmed that all 10,000 vaccines will be first doses and used to continue vaccinations for first responders and essential health care personnel, people 65 years and older, and people 16 years and older with a chronic health condition.

Second doses for those who have already received the first round of the COVID-19 vaccine have already been allocated by local health officials.

It’s not entirely clear what exactly is a test site for a mass vaccination campaign will entail other than getting a higher number of vaccines to distribute to the community.  In reality, this entire enterprise is already a mass campaign for cities all over the world but if it means that El Paso which has been hit especially hard by this pandemic can get more of its population vaccinated quickly then it’s a promising development.

For information on how to sign up for the vaccine if you fall under the criteria as part of the initial phase, please visit

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