The NFL season is closing in faster than an Aaron Rodgers pass threading the needle of the defense.

What are you most excited about? Figuring out if the Broncos can somehow defend their title with an unproven stable of QBs? Not seeing Tom Brady for a month? Your fantasy team?

Those all take a backseat to what is one of the best parts of being an NFL fan: the ad campaign for DirecTV's Sunday Ticket.

As usual, a stellar lineup of big names appears in the "Two Potential Yous" spots: Eli Manning, Andrew Luck and Tony Romo. For our money, Manning wearing a banana suit is the most memorable image. When you've won two Super Bowls, you can do that (seriously -- would it be as funny if it was, say, Jay Cutler?).

Take a look at the other spots, as well. These guys show they have a sense of humor, which is something they're going to need when the fans and media start breathing down their necks for not being Super Bowl favorites come Week 5.

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