He is arguably the greatest cutman of all time. Rafael Garcia worked with dozens of world champion boxers, including Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Alexis Arguello, Wilfredo Gomez and Roberto Duran.

In El Paso we have a museum honoring this legend with lots of memorabilia Garcia had collected throughout his years as a boxing cutman.

One of the truly legendary stories about Rafael Garcia has to do with Floyd Mayweather. Apparently Mayweather was having problems with hand injuries. That's where Garcia stepped in. He was able to wrap Mayweather's hands in a way that prevented those injuries. It was Garcia's ability with the scissors and gauze that were able to prolong Mayweather's career.

Garcia passed away back in 2017 at the age of 88 due to complications from leukemia. He was also elected into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame back in August of 2017, just a few months before he passed away. After he passed away, former welterweight and junior welterweight world titleholder Jessie Vargas said:

He was my godfather and he was like a father figure to me. He's been watching my back since as long as I can remember, taking care of me. Every fighter he ever worked with he did his best to make sure they were in top condition and at their best. Once he was with you he never left you. He never turned his back on anyone, win or lose. He was with you to the end. That was something that distinguished him from a lot of other people in this sport. He was honest, truthful and loyal to his friends, to his family and to his fighters, but he treated all of us like family.

If you'd like to visit the museum filled with memorabilia Garcia had collected throughout his life, the address is:

  • 1335 Geronimo
    El Paso, TX 79925

You should call to set up an appointment though. Their phone number is (915) 591-2704.



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