Once upon a time I tried watching horror flicks, but they are just way too intense for me. The few I did watch scarred me for life. Horror movies have that effect on people.

A recent survey found that fifty-two percent of Americans say the thing that frightened them from having watched a horror flick back in the day has the same effect on them today.

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So, what don't or won't you do anymore because of a scary movie you watched?

I won't pick up anyone stranded on the side of the road because of the 1986 film "The Hitcher." I don't care what gender or how feeble they look.

Below is a sampling of responses from fellow traumatized ‘fraidy cats when we posed the question on Mornings with Mike & Iris.

Trude Jonsson Stangel/Unsplash
Trude Jonsson Stangel/Unsplash

Vanessa Merica
Not check behind the shower curtain before going to the bathroom

Rosalie Evelyn
I won’t let my foot hang over the bed. Poltergeist. the clown under the bed

Sarah Nicole Hernandez
Drive off without checking to see if anybody is hiding in my backseat because of Urban Legend.

Jon Eckberg
Leave a TV with static on

Deanna L Daugaard
Walk close to storm drains

Marisela Luna Rodriguez
Play with an Ouija board.

Miriam Eslinger
Drive behind some sort of 18-wheeler with large metal construction pieces or tree logs...Thanks to the movie "Final Destination". (Only movie I ever 100% completely regretted watching...)

Yeah, the "Final Destination" series has really done a number on so many people in so many different ways. Other things El Pasoans won't do because of one of the "Final Destination" movies:

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

Diana R.
I avoid clotheslines at all costs. Final Destination

Melisa Sanchez
Never ever getting on Roller coaster rides!!! Thanks to the final destination movie

Steven Avila
Only metal bleachers for me now. Won't sit on wooden bleachers and risk impalement because of Final Destination

Ashley Gonzalez
Lay in a tanning bed, Final Destination 3

If you're a scary movie scaredy-cat like me, but you’re ready to face your fears and attempt to embrace the scares check out my Scaredy Cat’s Guide to Watching Horror Movies.

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