You know we are living in some pretty scary times right now and sometimes you really want to go down that rabbit hole and listen to sad songs. They can make us cry or just match our melancholy mood and usually after you've done a deep dive on the sad songs playlist you can pull yourself up, dry your eyes and get on with the day.

I ran across this saddest songs survey the other day and the top 5 saddest songs according to that survey are REM’s 1992 song “Everybody Hurts” at number one. Sinead O’Connor holds the number two spot with “Nothing Compares 2 U”. Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” the song he wrote for his son after his son died tragically comes in at number 3. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” is at number four and “Yesterday” by The Beatles finishes off the top five according to the survey. For me, Sinead O'Connor's song is the saddest on this list because I don't think a sadder song about lost love has ever been written.

We asked Mike and Tricia listeners what their saddest song was or what song hit them in the feels even if it wasn't a traditionally "sad" song. Some of these will break your heart.

Claudia said this song because it reminds her of her first love in high school

Marisela told us Neon Moon by Brooks and Dunn because it always reminds her of her best friend who’s living in Florida at the moment. Brings back all the memories!

Yvette included an 'I'm going to ugly cry' emoji for this one and told us Say Something I’m Giving Up On You omg!!!!!!!

Aria explained why The Bones by Maren Morris is her saddest song ""THE BONES"...we went through a super hard patch where we only had 3 dollars in our bank account savings was gone and had just had a rough times...but this song hits home every time."

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