Angry and impulsive texters rejoice! Apple will now let you delete and edit iPhone messages and honestly, Merry Christmas to me!

Don’t act like there hasn’t been a message you INSTANTLY regretted sending. Whether they were the angry texts to our significant other or that 2 a.m. “You up?” text. Whatever the case is, we will now be saved from those embarrassing impulsive texts and I’m not alone in this celebration.

El Paso’s FitFam shared the news of this iPhone update on their Instagram page and the people of El Paso had hilarious responses to this exciting news.

One person was more worried about correcting their grammar than anything else and low key, I agree.

Hell yeah I can fix my yours and there’s”

Another person pretty much read my mind.

“Perfect!!! I can unsend my angry break up text when I get over it 5 minutes later.”

However, this new update isn’t impressing everyone.

“I would never send a message, I said what I said.”


Dang Mandy. I see you! You do you, boo.

While most people consider this new update as a “prayer answered” others are more concerned for the state of relationships everywhere:

“They just tryna make it easier for people to cheat at this point.”


“Ok this is just going to give me MORE trust issues lmfao”


“Some of y’all finna be single after this”

Look, let’s be honest. If ya’ll were having issues BEFORE this update then maybe the update is not the real issue here. Eek!

But for those of you that are not phased by this new update and enjoy sharing everything with your significant other or besties, SharePlay will also be available in the update so people can watch content together, such as movies, songs, and share playback controls with one another, all while chatting.


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