It's back to school time and if there's one thing I envy about all the children heading back to school, it's those school lunches!

Two women serving kids food in a school cafeteria,

Lunch time was always great. It was a time where you could socialize with your friends, destress a little before heading back to chemistry or social studies; and most importantly, it was where some deliciousness went down.

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There were definitely some school lunches that live rent free in my head; and to keep in the "back to school" mood, I asked some of our fellow Facebook followers if they too had a school lunch meal that they fondly remember.

There weren't too many responses, however, the answers we did get were quality and top tier answers that I cannot disagree with!

I already expected the obvious answer, which I'll get to later, but first, some of the answers we got were:

The thanksgiving lunch pumpkin pie.

Element5 via unsplash
Element5 via unsplash

I definitely remember those awesome Thanksgiving luncheons, especially the ones where your family members could join you, and while the lunch was basic, we all were excited for that slice of pie at the end!

Sloppy Joe's

I don't think I've had a sloppy Joe since I was in school! And did anyone else also hear the story that they were called "Sloppy Joe's" because there once was a guy named Joe and then he was murdered and they turned his body in the meat for Sloppy Joe's?

Other answers included:

  • Hamburger Wednesday's
  • Corn Dogs
  • Coffee Cake at breakfast (yeah, that was good coffee cake, anyone have a dupe recipe for that?!)

And of course, the number one hit was that square pizza! Something about that square pizza just hit different, right? Well, if you're like me and suddenly went down a path of that school lunch pizza, you'll find tons of videos on YouTube that try to recreate that magic!


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