Who's a good boy? Well, if it’s your dog make sure you let him know it -- especially today.

Today, August 26, is National Day Dog. According to National Day Calendar, the self-professed “authoritative source for fun, unusual and unique National Days,” the purpose of National Dog Day is to encourage adoption of all breeds -- mutts, purebreds, and everything in between.

So give your doggie a treat today, show him some love, and consider getting him a new brother or sister. The City of El Paso Animal Services, Humane Society of El Paso, Animal Rescue League of El Paso, and Pet Guardian Angel can all use your help placing rescues in a loving home.

Adopt, foster, volunteer, donate – do what you can. If you need some inspiration, check out some doggie pics our listeners shared with us below, and many more on the Mike and Tricia Facebook.

Mike & Tricia Listeners Share the Most Recent Photo They've Taken of Their Fur Babies

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