COVID-19 really hit here in the US back in March during Spring Break. So it's now been 5 months dealing with this pandemic. Here in El Paso we were at 33 straight days of reported COVID-19 deaths. That streak has come to an end. The total COVID-19 deaths in El Paso is at 390, and that number didn't go up for the first time in over month.

On Sunday there were 70 new cases reported, along with 10 "delayed" new cases. There's been a back log of positive COVID-19 tests that resulted from private labs that were used to run the state testing sites. And as of Sunday, there were almost 19,000 total confirmed cases in El Paso County. The numbers break down like this:

  • Nearly 19,000 total confirmed cases in El Paso County.
  • 3,272 total active cases.
  • 15,734 recovered cases.
  • There are currently 136 hospitalizations.
    • Of those 136, 50 of them are in intensive care and 27 are on ventilators.

You can get the complete number by CLICKING HERE.

We do need to be cautious though. Just because we didn't have any reported deaths doesn't mean this thing is over. We still need to take the same precautions we always do. Wear a mask in public, keep your distance, and wash your hands.

It's going to be people like my neighbors that are going to keep COVID-19 around. Have a party packed shoulder to shoulder with 75+ people. All it takes is one person in that group to start infecting everybody. This is truly where the word exponential comes into play. One person infects 4. Each of those people infects another 4 of their own. Suddenly that's over 20 people infected.

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