If you have kiddos you definitely need to teach them how to swim. When I was a kid, we had a family friend who who had a swimming pool in her backyard and she had one hard and fast rule about kids swimming in her pool. If one of your parents wasn't sitting poolside and had eyes on you in the pool, you were getting out of the pool, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. She wouldn't allow parents to drink alcohol either. She was serious as hell about pool safety.

Fast forward to when I was a mom, I put my sons in the pool when they were months old so they wouldn't be afraid of the water and taught them to swim in age appropriate bursts. If you are from El Paso, you probably know all about Gus and Goldie and their swim lessons at area public swimming pools. They usually hold swimming lessons throughout the summer, and I reached out to the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department to find out this year's Gus and Goldie swimming lessons schedule.

EP Parks and Rec Facebook
EP Parks and Rec Facebook

Sadly, this year, Gus and Goldie won't be holding swimming lessons. Now, the lovely folks at El Paso Parks and Rec said that at this time there aren't any plans for Gus and Goldie swim lessons so maybe there might be a chance? Hopefully? I'm guessing that there might be, depending on the wording of their response.

Even if you can't get your beasties in with Gus and Goldie, make sure you get your kids into swimming lessons. Every summer in El Paso we have kids tragically drown in swimming pools. They need to know how to float and get to the side of a pool. Please look into other avenues to get your kiddos safe in the pool.

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