In 46 days, El Paso Locomotive FC will be kicking off their inaugural season. Today, the club unveiled their two home jerseys that will be worn in 2019. Australia-based BLK (Beyond Limits Known) will be the team's official jersey manufacturer. They are available in the Locomotive Team Shop at the Santa Fe Box Office for $85 and they can also be purchased online.

"Our organization is proud to have all five of our partners locally headquartered," General Manager Andrew Forrest said in a team release. "Local support is vital to the success of a young club and having these companies and brands partnered with us reinforces just how great we can be. We are proud to have them on our inaugural jersey and look forward to working together for years to come."

Both jerseys are explained by the club in detail below. Omar Salgado and Chiro N'toko were in attendance and modeling both jerseys for 2019.

The first is in the iconic West Texas Sky Blue that can be found in the El Paso Locomotive FC crest. The jersey features a vertical railroad track on the front left with the Locomotive crest on the chest and pays homage to the region by incorporating the iconic El Paso Mountain Star on the lower back. A gradient checkered pattern rises from the bottom to mid-chest.

The second jersey features the Desert Dusk Blue and brings in additional design aspects from the EP Locomotive crest. This jersey includes the grill of the Locomotive crest powerfully extending from the shoulders to the middle of the chest with the West Texas Sky Blue revealed beneath. The sleeves introduce a unique gradient aspect that combines the two blues featured in the Locomotive crest.

El Paso's Omar Salgado, the first player ever signed by the club was modeling the first home jersey and I asked him about returning to his hometown in more than 10 years to play in front of family and friends.

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