Online shopping isn't something that only happens on cyber Monday. As we all learned during the pandemic, we can basically hide in our homes and order everything online.

Many big-name companies even adjusted to online ordering and pick up to adjust to the issue of stores having to close actual in-person shopping.

I truly appreciate being able to do this, because that online order and pick-up curbside has made my life heaven. As a petite woman, I always struggled to put big items in my car and now I have the privileged to have someone else put them in the car for me.

For those who may be new to shopping online, FBI El Paso shared some types you should live on Cyber Monday.

One of the biggest tips off of this list is to confirm websites. You really need to pay attention to where you are entering your information, especially when you are going through social media ads. Sometimes strange third parties get access into social media to pretend to be a company they are not.

I have seen so many people getting their Instagram and Facebook hacked lately, so any other tips you can share with friends and family, please do.

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