If you have little kids in this era of the COVID-10 pandemic, I really feel for you. I can hardly get through the day taking care of myself and my husband. If I had to deal with beasties and their needs, schooling, craziness, I don't know if I could do it. If you find yourself overwhelmed and in desperate need of a break, the El Paso Child Crisis Center can help you out.

The Child Crisis Center has a Respite Program that allows parents to drop off their kids for three days at no cost and without repercussions. Usually kids who are dropped off at Respite Care are brought in by Child Protective Services, but EPCCC officials say they know that there are a lot of parents out there who are stretched to the limit, and they can also use Respite Care to help avoid a situation where you might hurt your child.

In Respite Care, EPCCC staff gets kids ready for their day. They are given breakfast and do their regular in-person or online school day. If kids are not in school yet, there are age-appropriate activities for them and play and snack time.

The Respite Care Program is free but they do accept donations such as childrens clothing, toys, or luggage for children who are in their foster program so they don't have to put their belongings in garbage bags when they leave the Center.

You can check out more about the El Paso Child Crisis Center by clicking this link. You can also contact them at 915-562-7955 to ask more about their Respite Care Program.

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