It has been a tumultuous off-season thus far in the NBA.  The biggest question at this point is, where will Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard go?  As of now, the Brooklyn Nets are the front runners to land the 3 time defensive player of the year.

A proposed 4 team deal involving the Clippers, Magic, Cavs, and Brooklyn fell through earlier today.  The potential deal was important for Brooklyn's chances of landing Howard.  After all, Brooklyn needs to have adequate players, and possible first round draft picks to give the Magic for Howard.  For the Nets, acquiring Howard is essential for their future success because he is the best center in the NBA, and building a championship team around a player with his talent is certainly a strong possibility.  Combine this with point guard Deron Williams' decision to stay, and the addition of 6 time All-Star Joe Johnson, and the Nets should be an instant contender in the east.

The Nets are making a big move from New Jersey to Brooklyn, and New Yorkers are pretty demanding fans, so there will be quite a bit of pressure on the organization to win.  Brooklyn is a perfect fit for Dwight Howard.  Let's not forget, he is Superman!  A great player like Howard belongs in a place like Brooklyn.  Sure he could go to the Lakers, but it would not be his team.  We all know that Kobe runs the show in LA.  It is understandable that Howard wants to win a championship, he isn't getting any younger.

Howard could call the Nets his team, and if he helps them win a championship, it will solidify his place in history, and allow him to display his leadership for a franchise that hasn't accomplished much more than making 2 Finals appearances.  Brooklyn needs Dwight Howard, and he needs them, the possibility of him orchestrating the beginning of a dynasty in a city this is used to winning has to be a thrilling thought.