I am so tired of people who have no idea what in the hell they are talking about trying to gaslight us.

There is not a person reading this who has ever been hurt by a drag show. I can state that conclusively because they've been going on for decades with no problems. How anybody can let politicians play them for fools and pretend these vaudeville-style shows are harmful is beyond me.

The latest to succumb to this nonsense is the president of West Texas A&M, but wait...he has a whole new take on the "problem". He essentially claims that these shows "degrade women" and that's why he canceled the event. Now, I certainly can't prove it, but that sure sounds like a cover story to me.  I have NEVER, not once, not ever, heard this claim. I'm sure he thinks it's a clever workaround rather than to weigh in about what really bothers him/school officials/donors about the show.

We are never going to agree on all things, but we should agree on this. There's a Texas saying "how long are you going to look at a hot horseshoe?". The "hot horseshoe" in this case is people are being played and misled into thinking there's a problem here when there's not. I have one simple question for you, "Where are the victims?".  The fact is, there are none. If drag hurt people every one of us would have been injured. We laughed at Bob Hope, Monty Python, Robin Williams, and even Wesley Snipes & Patrick Swayze in drag. It's entertaining, and that's it.

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