Doug Gottlieb had the most memorable.....and cringeworthy...starts in the history of any NCAA analyst on CBS.  Shortly after Greg Gumbel introduced the panel, Gottlieb attempted to point out the obvious with humor.  It went like this.

There was a ton of reaction on social media and CBS later released a written statement with Gottlieb's apology.

Sir Charles later defended Gottlieb on the CBS set:

"I know this has nothing to do with the game; I want to say something about Doug Gottlieb.  He made a joke earlier tonight and people are going crazy. All those idiots on Twitter, which I would never ever do, all you people at home who've got no life and are talking bad about Doug Gottlieb, get a life. It's over with. It's no big deal."

Personally, I wasn't offended, but that's just one white man's perspective.  Gottlieb learned a valuable lesson.  Despite the tremendous strides made concerning race relations in America, it is still very much a fresh scab and it doesn't take much picking to get back to the wound.