With the cooler weather we're enjoying right now, sitting outside around a fire pit is a pretty enjoyable experience. Just be careful how you use it. What you use as fuel could get you into some trouble in both the City of Tyler and Longview, Texas.

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Using a Fire Pit

If you use a fire pit in your backyard as a way to have a fire for a relaxing evening on the patio or for your get-together, you can, as long as you use firewood. For Longview residents, you can be issued a citation from the Longview Fire Department if you are not using the proper fuel in your fire pit (KLTV).

You cannot burn leaves, you can't burn construction material, you can't burn any yard debris or anything like that. That would be a violation of the fire code. Even if you're using a fire pit. - Longview Fire Marshal Kevin May

Proper Fuel for Your Fire Pit

Proper fuel for your fire pit is either gas or fire wood. Cardboard, leaves, paper or anything else that can easily float into the air while burning is not allowed. These fines could be between $200 to $2,000.

City of Tyler Ordinance

For the city of Tyler, similar laws are in place. According to cityoftyler.org, rubbish or yard waste is not to be burned and must be at least ten feet from a structure. You would also need some way of extinguishing a fire nearby such as a water hose or fire extinguisher with a minimum of a 4-A rating.

Also, the fire department can ask you to put out your fire if there is a complaint about too much smoke.

The moral of the story: if you are in the city limits, use your fire pit to enjoy a cool night with your significant other or get-together, not to burn trash, or it could cost you.

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