New Orleans is known for their superior Cajun cooking, which brings up the question, does tuna belong on the menu?  Of course there is only one person in sports who is worthy of being called "the tuna," and that is Bill Parcells. 

New Orleans Saints' head coach Sean Payton has asked his mentor Bill Parcells to essentially take care of his team and be their interim head coach while he serves his year long suspension.  Payton served as the quarterbacks coach and the assistant head coach under Parcells with the Cowboys from 2003-2005.
At age 70, Parcells is no spring chicken, however, he has had tremendous success in the NFL.  The Tuna took 4 different teams to the playoffs, including taking the Patriots and Giants to the Super Bowl.  He won Super Bowl XXI and XXV with the G men.  If anyone would be a good fit to coach the Saints during Payton's absence it would be Parcells.
Considering that Payton came from his coaching tree means that Parcells would probably understand their system and is a disciplinarian, so keeping the team in check wouldn't be an issue.  Let's face it, this could be a good shtick for Parcells, he is enjoying life in Florida right now, but to have the opportunity to take over a Super Bowl contender for a season, there are worst jobs out there.  Not only that, but the Super Bowl is in New Orleans next year.  What a story it would be if Parcells could lead the Saints to the big game at home!
It is understandable that Parcells has recently said that he has no desire to return to coaching, but that was before an intriguing opportunity like this arose.  It would also be a good deed because the tuna would be helping his buddy Sean Payton out too.  I predict that the big tuna will become the interim head coach for the Saints.  Who knows, maybe a tuna can fit in well in a city that is known for serving crawdads.

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