Since joining the Sixers, Jimmy Butler has shown his value to the team as the 76ers are 28-15 when Butler is on the court (65.1 Winning Percentage) versus only 4-3 without Butler (57.1 Winning Percentage).  This season, Butler is top 20 in the NBA in Points Per Game in the Fourth Quarter (6.6) along with shooting 45.1 Percent from three point point range in the fourth quarter.  Butler has consistently been a clutch performer over the last five seasons, averaging 6.1 PPG in the Fourth Quarter while shooting 38.9 Percent from Three Point Range.

Yahoo Sports NBA Contributor Keith Smith joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and Jimmy Butler's value to the 76ers as their closer in the fourth quarter:

"In a playoff game, playoff need that guy you can throw the ball to and know he is going to make a play for you offensively and Jimmy Butler has done that in the past.  He did it for the Chicago Bulls for a long time, he did it in a shorter extent with the Minnesota Timberwolves and now Philly needs him. What I would expect to see a little bit too is if Butler is really dialed in and accepting, you might see him kind of take a step back for the first three quarters of a game, let the other guys do (the scoring) and then say alright, I’m here, let me get this done for you at the end of the games - That’s the way to kind of conserve him a little bit because the playoffs are a grind. You’re playing every other day in most cases and it’s pretty tough on guys and it’s such a high intensity level of basketball that it takes a lot out of you. So if you can allow him to coast a little early and let him carry it home at the end, that’s really big for Philadelphia.”

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