Nowadays, many people take to social media as a platform for them to vent out their frustrations. Athletes and celebrities are no different.

After the Dallas Cowboys 31-26 Thanksgiving Day victory over the Washington Redskins, Dez Bryant was approached by the media and asked about the small scuffle at the end of the game between himself and CB Josh Norman of the Skins. Here is what Dez had to say about that.

Dez didn't stop there though. He went to Twitter to tell the Twittersphere how he felt about Norman.

Eventually, Bryant admitted he got caught in the heat of the moment while being interviewed.

The only bad thing to come of this is that this was the second of two meetings between Washington and Dallas (DAL 2-0 vs WAS this year) barring a playoff matchup. It's safe to say that the love between these two rivals has not been lost.

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